Vaccinations are an extremely important precaution to take as a pet parent. Animals are susceptible to many different airborne contagious diseases. If you are thinking your pet is safe just because he or she is an indoor animal, you are forgetting the risk that he or she may escape out the front door or dig out from under the fence one day. Pets can even catch diseases just being in their own backyard!  One of the veterinarians or veterinary assistants at Animal Care Clinic of Rural Hall would love to discuss all the essential vaccines for your cat or dog.

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If you just got a new pet, be sure to schedule his or her vaccines right away. Cats and dogs must get rabies shots and the distemper vaccine. There are many other recommended vaccines, and our animal vets can discuss the options to let you know if there is anything your pet is particularly at risk for in his or her particular situation. We proudly serve pet owners in the Rural Hall, NC and Winston-Salem, NC areas. Call today!

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