Pharmacy, Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrition & Supplements

As veterinarians, we truly care about your pet’s overall well-being. From their paws to their tails and everything in between, Animal Care Clinic of Rural Hall of Winston-Salem, NC offers a variety of nutritional and supplemental products that can ensure your pets are healthy inside and out. 

Our veterinary Hospital carries many different nutritional supplements, such as Purina Veterinary Diets and Hill’s Prescription Diet, and we even carry shampoos, knee & skin supplements that will give your cat or dog a healthy, shiny coat...and NO SHEDDING!  Make your visit to the vet a preventative one.

Veterinary Hospital Rural Hall, NC

Vet Clinic Winston-Salem, NC

Veterinary Clinic With A Full, On-Site Pharmacy

Animal Care Clinic of Rural Hall has a full pharmacy, so you don’t have to track your pet’s prescription all over town! If he or she needs antibiotics, heartworm medicines, and more, our Rural Hall veterinary clinic stocks everything we need right here at our convenient location. Contact us today to learn more!

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